A Very Hacky Christmas Tree: Part II

Last week we built a set of beautiful Christmas tree lights. You can reprogram, and reuse these all year round. But what’s cooler than beautiful Christmas tree lights? How about Christmas tree lights that change based on what’s happening around the tree? Adding light sensors to your tree lights should take between half an hour and an hour from start to finish. We put together a HIDIOT photoresistor tutorial a while back.

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A Very Hacky Christmas Tree: Part I

This year we made our own Christmas tree lights. They’re really easy to build, and can be reprogrammed to be used all year round. Read on to find out how to make your own! When finished, you should have your own programmable Christmas tree lights! Then you can take it further and make it your own! Our Christmas tree lights are different to the ones you get in the shop.

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Ghost Hunting With The HIDIOT

Ghost hunters use EMF meters as an essential tool. According to the Anomolies Research Society, indicators of paranormal activity include fluctuations in EMF detection readings and background readings that drop or spike for no reason, with no explainable cause. What we’ll build We’re going to build an EMF detector, so we’re building our own analogue sensor from scratch. We’ll also look at how we can use Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques to improve our detector.

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