The 5 reasons nobody wants to read your CV

A Curriculum Vitae (otherwise known as a CV) is probably the least popular document this side of a legal bill. Nobody wants to read your CV because they’ll have anywhere between 5 to 15 other CVs to read through after yours. Ask yourself when was the last time you read your CV from start to finish without skimming? Chances are even you didn’t want to read your CV. Lets take a look at why nobody wants to read your CV.

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12 Interview tips that will blow your future employer's mind

While writing my free 30 day online career hacking course I spent a lot of time learning about the interview process from different angles. I learnt about what a HR manager looks for in an Interview, what the hiring manager wants and looks for, I studied the role of the supporting interviewers and of course the interviewee. While researching all of this, I realised that there were certain things that so many people I’ve interviewed (and I myself) forgot when doing a face to face interview, so here’s my top 12 interview tips.

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The thin red line between a CV and a Resume

A Resumé The best way to think of a resumé is to treat it as an overview of who you are. Resumés are common in places such as the United States and typically take less time to read, which may explain their popularity. A resumé should be no more than two pages and should contain: Full name and contact details Keywords An overview of your skills A summary of your experience A summary of your education If you resumé is more than two pages long, it’s not a resumé, it’s a poorly written CV.

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