What We Do

Security Testing

Steve's testing experience covers everything from microcontrollers to massive enterprise solutions. If you can think of it, he's probably tested it.

Steve founded Mandalorian in 2005, and grew it into a boutique specialist security consultancy. Unhappy with the company's direction, he scaled things back in 2015 to focus on more interesting projects. He’s been a CHECK Team Leader, Tigerscheme SST and was instrumental in the development of Tigerscheme’s QSTM junior certification.

Whether you need testing or support on dealing with results, Steve can probably help. Contact us via email, and we’ll get back to you shortly.


Custom Hardware

Steve designed and built the HIDIOT, a programmable computer that you can build yourself. Marizel and Steve are heavily involved in designing educational conference badges and soldering projects.

As well as the HIDIOT, other projects by us include the ICO parody and challenge 44Coin for 44CON’s Capture The Flag blockchain heist competition, and the BSides Lisbon badge.

We also worked with CERN and the University of Lancaster on custom electronics projects. If you'd like a custom kit or have a specific task in mind and need some help making it a reality, Contact us via email, and we’ll get back to you shortly.


Steve and Marizel regularly organize and run training workshops at different events. We’ve run Soldering workshops at 44CON, SecurityFest, BSides Lisbon, Infosecurity Europe, Devoxx UK, BSides London and Steelcon.

We also organize the quarterly training around 44CON and can bring specialist training to your premises. If your team needs specialist on or near-site training in security, electronics or reverse engineering, we can facilitate this at very reasonable prices.

Training can be delivered by us or by industry specialists chosen by you.

Contact us to arrange your next training session.


Get in touch

If you'd like to discuss how we could work together, contact us via email and we'll arrange a call at your convenience.